PayPal clone script

Account verification

Know your user - a multilevel system for identifying accounts by scans of documents and limiting accountability.

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4 levels of identification

Features of the account directly depend on the status of identification. Get a new status is simple - you need to download documents about yourself and/or your business.

Anonymous status

The Basic status of the account without the possibility of withdrawing funds from the system

Verified status

A full account with all the possibilities for personal use

Business status

Allows you to accept payments from your customers through a special form


Verification interface

All downloaded documents are available in a single table. The names of the files are encrypted, you can change the status of identification by one click at the time of confirmation of the verification.

Waiting for verification

When downloading documents, the user receives the status "In pending" and is not able to re-upload any documents.

Search status

The ability to search for documents by ID, the type of document or by the name of the owner

Compilation for customer card

All documents are automatically displayed in the customer card for your convenience

Notification system

If the identification status is changed, the user will receive an Email and SMS notification

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