PayPal clone script

User manager

A powerful user's account card contains registration information, its status and information about the latest transactions in the account.

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Detailed client card

Just Wallet collects all possible information about the user in a single questionnaire: basic information, balances, documents, transactions, activity in the account. And to change the data you only need to enter new values!

Search system

The system allows you to search for a user in the database by the login or name

Registration from the panel

Create new users by filling out the form directly in the admin panel

CSV export

Upload customer information to external spreadsheets


Easy to manage account

You can deposit or withdraw funds from the client's account directly on the customer's card! You need only to specify the amount, select the type of operation and, if desired, specify a comment to the transaction.

Client status system

The client's capabilities depend on its level of identification and access rights. You can assign one of the users to system administrator at any time.

Identity status

4 customer identification status allows you to verify the legality of operations

Fraud status

You can easily limit account activity due to suspicious activity

Ban status

You can deactivate the client's account and deny access to the account

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