PayPal clone script

Transaction system

Internal money transfers between users, currency exchange, simple account replenishment and withdrawal of funds to external payment systems.

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Popular destinations

Let your customers transfer money in the way they like! Adjust the commission rate and set available translation directions.

Internal transfers

All users can transfer the internal currency among themselves through a convenient interface

Currency exchange

You can create up to 6 internal currencies with your own exchange rate

Deposits and withdrawals

Your users can replenish their balance and withdraw funds using popular payment methods


Accounting and search system

All transactions are displayed in a single list, you can find the necessary operation simply by the user's login or by other details of the transaction

Simple editing

The admin can change any information about the transaction, including the amount, time, commission, type and method of the transaction.

Commenting system

Any transaction can be accompanied by a comment to the translation

Transaction statuses

Automatic change of the operation status or change from the Admin Panel

Return and block operation

You can block any transaction or refund the money to the sender

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