PayPal clone script

Notification system

Your users can receive Email and SMS notifications about transactions in the account, transactions, as well as other important notifications

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Message templates

With the built-in visual HTML editor, you can create beautiful Email templates and custom SMS notification templates. Using mail variables, you can create transactional messages.

SMS integration

Twilio service gateway allows you to send messages around the world inexpensively

Email class from Codeigniter

Powerful built-in CI tools send email messages


Code and design Email template can be viewed directly in the Admin Panel


SMS availability

We chose Twilio as a reliable and inexpensive intermediary in sending SMS messages. If you do not plan to use SMS alerts, you can disable this option or disable the delivery of only certain messages.

Template collection

The starting assembly includes universal and adaptive HTML templates for transactional Email alerts, in which you can make any color changes.

22 Email templates

Notification about virtually any activity within your account

13 SMS templates

Activate the most important messages or use the entire set of notifications

Dynamic variables

Transaction amount, transaction ID and other changing parameters in alerts

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