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The user can store up to 6 currencies on his account at the same time, and their exchange rate, name and encoding is set from the Admin Panel.

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Instant exchange

Set the exchange rate for domestic currencies and your client will be able to perform real-time exchange and send any of the available currencies to other users of the system.

Easily add

All internal currency settings are edited from the Admin Panel

Base currency

Assign the main available currency to all wallets and set the rate

Extra currencies

It can be any currency: an existing one, a new one, or a unit of something


Up to 6 currencies in your wallet

You can activate up to 6 domestic currencies for all participants. You can exchange such currency in your account or you can make a forced exchange in the customer's card.

Exchange calculator

The user can in advance calculate the necessary amount for exchange through a convenient currency calculator, as well as get fresh quotes.

Currency name

Specify any name for your currency or unit

Currency code

You can use the existing currency encoding or enter your own

Rate of currency

Set the percentage of extra currency to base currency

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