PayPal clone script

Merchant system

Special functionality allowing the user-seller to accept payments on his website from his customers.

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Adaptive form of payment

Merchant can accept not only the internal balance of the wallet, but also other payment methods activated by the administrator. The form of payment works fine both on the desktop and on any mobile device.

Moderation system

To connect the merchant you need to do Business verification and moderation of the client's site

POST options

A simple HTML form for requesting payment can be placed on any site

Different directions

The received compensation is credited to the balance of the wallet and is available on any conclusion


IPN system

Just Wallet is able to send an instant notification to the seller's server about the status of the received payment, its size, date and other parameters. The IPN system can be integrated with any CMS.

Safe and easy

Just Wallet uses a comparison of the payment settings and the secret password that the user specifies in the account. The resulting parameters are hashed by the script and sent by POST to the client server.

SCI type for transactions

A separate transaction type for the payment history in your account

Code examples

The default payment method and examples of the IPN handler for PHP sites

Merchant management

System of global search, moderation and commenting merchant

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