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Just Wallet supports multilanguage - you can set the default language and allow you to change it for your customers

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A simple translation system

All language files are collected in a separate folder, making changes to log files is not more difficult than making changes to plain text. Create a new folder with the language and it will automatically be displayed on the site to select!

Default language

Set the base language for the entire site - usually it's English

Quick selection

User can change the language on the site with one click

User language

The user selects the default language, in the time of registration


4 languages are already included

We included 4 popular languages in the starting assembly: English, Russian, German and Spanish. You can delete one of the languages or add your own. The number of languages is unlimited.

Language for the admin

The choice of the required language is available not only for the user interface, but also for the project administrator interface.

Device Support

User and administrator can change the language on any mobile device

Correct structure

For each section of the site, a separate language file has been created in the language folder

Simple operation

Make changes to the file directly on the server - it's very simple

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