PayPal clone script

Disputes system

Reliable protection of purchases on the Internet - an opportunity to return money if the seller has not sent the goods or the goods do not correspond to the description

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Simple operating principle

In the history of the sender's operations, a special button appears, clicking on which you can claim and identify the requirements. Until the dispute is closed, the seller will not be able to withdraw money.

Negotiation mode

After the opening of the dispute, participants can exchange comments


If the peace could not be negotiated, the dispute is transferred to the claim

Admin review process

The admin can reject or satisfy the claim with a repayment of funds


Timeline of comments

You can view the discussion of the dispute and add your comments if necessary. In the event of a status change, the required comment will be added to the log automatically.

Simple start

The "Open dispute" button will appear in the History of the operations of any sender, if the payment is made within the system. Dispute is not available to open against system charges.

Reservation of funds

If the dispute is open, the recipient of the payment can not withdraw funds from the account

Automatic notifications

The process of the dispute can be monitored via Email and SMS notifications

Editing a dispute

You can change any information about an open dispute or change the amount of a claim

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